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Project Appraisal

The financial and administrative resources available to governments, parastatals and private organisations are often limited and consequently resources must be shared by competing demands. The demand for effective use of resources continues to increase. Project analysis and appraisal becomes an appropriate tool to establish the optimal allocation of resources in the light of given objectives. It is through project appraisal that activities can be prioritised such that higher priority projects with greater payoffs both financially and socially are undertaken
Target Group
Project Planners, Consultants, Managers, Administrators
Statement of Learning Outcome
At the end of the course participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

    * Numeric versus non-numeric models of project appraisal
    * Compounding and discounting techniques
    * Cash flow techniques
    * Financial profitability analysis
    * Economic profitability analysis
    * Risk and Sensitivity analysis

Module Organisation Days Credits
* Numeric vs. non-numeric models   1   1
* Compounding and discounting techniques   1.5   2
* Cash flow techniques   1   1
* Financial profitability analysis   4   4
* Economic profitability analysis   4   4
* Risk and sensitivity analysis   1   1
*Appraisal reporting  2.5   2
*Computer application to Project Appraisal  5 5
Total   20   20


    * Oral tests
    * Practical tests
    * Written tests
    * Case Study

Duration: Four weeks    

Course Fee:8 385BWP -   7 720 LSM/SZE

Code Sub Country From     -     Until
PAW-1   Swaziland       TBA
PAW-1   Lesotho       TBA
PAW-1   Botswana       TBA


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